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I would love to hear from you! 
Please send me any question, thought or proposal about my work. 
The illustrations and paintings on this site are for sale as original works or artistic-prints. 
The books and graphic novels can be purchased through me or in featured book stores.
You can contact me via mail, phone or facebook:


Phone: +972-54-6852057 








Born in 1986 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

After studying in various art programs as a child I have earned my Bachelor degree in Humanities and Arts in the Open University while studying plastic arts, illustration, design, animation and writing in Minshar College for Arts (both summa cum laude).
Since then, I have been practicing art both in my own studio and in various long-term workshops; teaching illustration techniques and book-making; working as a freelance illustrator and author; writing and illustrating children's books for publishing houses in Israel and Asia; producing my own graphic novels and presenting my works in many solo and group exhibitions.

Solo Art Exhibitions:
2014 – "Ignition", curator: Lilach Porat , The Artist's House Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2013 – "Snail skin", curator: Lilach Porat, Hamisrad Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2013 – "Dmoot el Dmoot" (Figure to Figure) with artist Doron Sohari, curators: Hamutal friedberg & Dorit Kopit, Kibutz Naan.
2012 – "Andromeda Sleeps Exhibition", curator: Mira Rashty, Sipur Pashut , Tel-Aviv. 
2012 – "Revealed", curator: Isy vinter abuksys, Enav Culture Center, Tel-Aviv.
2012 - "Connections", curator: Dr. Dalya Hakker Oryon, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv
2012 - "The City Breathes”, curator: Dr. Dalya Hakker Oryon, The Green-House Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

Illustrated books:
G. Ilani: Little Leopardess, a children's book, Matar publishing, 2014.
G. Ilani: Mono is not a rabbit, a children's book, Tal-Mai publishing, 2013.
H. Reuven: Cats for free, a children's book, Matar publishing, 2013
N. Zarhi: Arrange the room immediately!, a children's digital book, Unicell productions, 2012
H. Reuven and S. Galek: Andromeda Sleeps, a graphic novel, self-published, 2011 
H. Reuven: Hours, a graphic novel, self-published, 2011.

Other Projects: 
2014, 2010 – Painting murals at the “Peacock” bar, 16 Marmurek St., Tel Aviv
2012 – Painting a mural at the “HaDoar” night club, 46 Yehuda HaLevi St., Tel Aviv
2011 - Illustration and design for “kamagolem” website,
2005 – S. Galek and H. Reuven: Six Degrees, music record

Selected Group Exhibitions: 
2014 – "Out of Context”, curator: Amit Trainin, Minshar for art gallery, Tel Aviv.
2014 – "Meshuna Gallery Launch Exhibition", curators: Anton Abramov & Oren Fischer, Meshuna Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2014 – "Machine/Dream”, curators: Dar Rotem & Itay Blaish, Maze 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2014 – "The illustrated version”, curator: Yuval Saar ,Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel Aviv 
2014 – "Re-cover”, curator: Yuval Saar, International authors fair, Jerusalem.
2014 – "Dolls art”, curator: Limor Lahav Margolis, Jaffa Museum, Jaffa.
2014 – "Playing”, curator: Yuval Saar, Design Museum Holon, Holon.
2014 – "Secret art 7", Leumi bank's yearly exhibition, curators: Esty Drori & Doron Polak, Many house, Tel Aviv.
2013 – "Toy cycle", curator: Limor Lahav Margolis, Jaffa Museum, Jaffa.
2013 – "Homophile", curator: Itay Blaish, HaTahana complex, Tel Aviv.
2013 – "Temperament", curator: Daniela Koffler, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv.
2013 – "Whales and blue hair", Teatrio's annual illustration exhibition, curator: Oddo de Grandis, Teatrio cultural association, Venice, Italy.
2013 – "Mini art", curator: Limor Lahav Margolis, Jaffa Museum, Jaffa.
2012 – "La Culture”, curators: Dar Rotem & Itay Blaish, Maze 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2012 – "Israeli indie comics", curator: Hadar Reuven, Sipur Pashut, Tel Aviv.
2012 – "Create for the cure” - charity exhibition, curators: Or Livne & Natalia Grinberg, Hamelaha Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2012 – "A journey between dreams” - charity exhibition for "variety" fund, curator: Limor Lahav Margolis, Jaffa Meuseum, Jaffa.
2012 – "Ordinary”, curator: Dan Allon, Shenkar Art Gallery, Ramat Gan.
2012 – "Dira Ledoogma / Show apartment”, curator: Meir Sidi, Tel Aviv.
2012 – "Kartinka's launching exhibition, curator: Yifat Talalaevsky, Hayek Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.
2012 – "Secret Art 6”, Leumi bank's yearly exhibition, curators: Esty Drori & Doron Polak, Many house, Tel Aviv.
2011 – "Minshar for Art” graduate exhibition in visual arts, curator: Amit Trainin, “HaTahana” complex, Tel Aviv.

Education and Artist Training:

2015 - Today   Poetry place - the college of the literary arts
2013 - 2015     Creative writing workshop with Nurit Zarchi
2011 - 2015     Etching workshop with Galit Rawchberger
2013                European illustration workshop with Javier Zabala
2007 – 2011     Minshar for art college – summa cum laude - Illustration and graphic design, creative writing and animation
2007 – 2011     Open university – summa cum laude - BA – humanities and arts
2005                Painting and drawing lessons with Yoav Efrati
2004                Drawing lessons with Doron Bar – Adon
2001 – 2003     MatanArts program for high school – plastic arts
2000                Program of sciences and arts for gifted students – Weizmann Institute of Science 

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